Ralf Wolter is a senior leader with over 25 years of global experience in building and leading global and virtual teams in large corporations. He is specialized in building and growing technical teams, both direct reports and virtual members. Ralf quickly establishes cross-collaboration between different cultures and groups, such as engineering, research, marketing, sales, services and aligning them towards customer success.

His extensive customer experience in consulting and a strong focus on coaching high-potentials and high-performers positions him well to develop the next generation of leaders.
He has extensive customer experience and has worked with many different cultures and in multiple countries including Europe, the USA, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Due to strong communication and presentation skills, Ralf consistently achieves high scores at public presentations, events, and conferences. He is able to present to and work with a diverse audience, such as executives and business focus groups, engineering, different customer segments, academia, etc. As a motivational and professional speaker, Ralf has presented topics such as leadership, innovation, the future of technology and related implications for business and communication, developing the next generation of leaders, and the future of coaching.
"A nice blend of facts and figures combined with humor makes it easy and enjoyable to listen to Ralf's talks."

Ralf's specialty is combining coaching, consulting, leadership and creativity with a passion for developing people. He is enthusiastic about developing the next generation of leaders through high-performance career coaching and training. Ralf has developed and co-lead the talent management program for Distinguished Engineers at Cisco Europe. He has consulted with clients in the industry and non-profit organizations for developing and establishing high-potential and high-performance development initiatives and talent-management programs.

His coaching style is a unique blend of his engineering background and experience of working globally for more than two decades: he combines precision and analytical thinking with creative opportunities and positive thinking. “Your thoughts are the architect of your destiny.” ~ David McKay

In addition to developing people, Ralf enjoys being a technology futurist, combining visionary thinking with a practical hands-on approach to apply networking and communication technologies for shaping the future of coaching and training.

Ralf is a certified trainer with PowerSpeaking (High-Tech Speaking, Speaking to Executives), ICF certified coach, and a Persolog personality factor model (aka DISC) certified trainer.

His mantra is a Chinese proverb: "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand!”